Annual Maintenance & Repair

Dive Gear is Life Support -- Treat It That Way

Regular service helps maintain your dive gear's reliability and readiness for that next scuba dive. So, be sure to follow the recommended service schedule for all your valuable dive equipment.  Proper cleaning and storage of your gear after every dive is also critical to maintaining the life of your investment.


Do not delay or skimp on the maintenance and service of your life support equipment.  It isn't worth it.

Calendar your annual service check up so you don't forget or be sure to even have it done a litte early if you have a dive trip coming up.   


We Know Dive Equipment.

You can trust our expert service technicians with all your dive equipment service needs.  Highly trained, with excellent attention to detail, our technicians are among the best in the industry. 


Annual Maintenance Service

Did you know that maintenance service is recommended annually for most of your major pieces of equipment - computer, regulator and BC?  The ideal service schedule generally can be found in your equipment manual, the manufacturer's website, or give us a call and we'll provide you with the service information. 

Winter often can be a great time of year to schedule annual maintenance; however, if you're planning a winter trip, we recommend scheduling 1-2 months prior to your trip when possible to allow for repair and ordering of parts should that be necessary.  

Shorter on time?  Give us a call and we'll do what we can to fit you in. 

Even with the most diligent care, hoses age, mouthpieces tear, and parts degrade.  Most technician-level repairs can be accomplished in-house by one of our qualified service technicians for most major brands.


Service Time-Frames

We provide fast turn-around on equipment service without compromising quality.

  • Appointments for service are not necessary
  • Normal turn-around is two weeks (during non-peak times)
  • Rush Service is available based upon volume.


Learn More

Want to know more about the maintenance and care of your dive equipment?  Then our Equipment Specialist Certification is for you.  This specialty certification counts towards your Master Scuba Diver rating.

Check out our Equipment Care tips.