Search and Recovery Diver

Be the Hero & Recover Lost Items!

PADI Search and Recovery Diver

Finding items underwater is both challenging and rewarding. You need to know how to gather information, organize a search and choose an effective underwater search pattern. In this training you willl learn and hone these new skills in various practice scenarios.


Search & Recovery Divers with Surface Buoy

The Fun Part

The fun part is knowing you have the skills and training to recover valuable items dropped on a dive - like saving someone's camera.  And, let's face it, anytime you get to use a lift bag, is fun!

What You Learn

  • Search and recovery dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques
  • How to deal with potential problems
  • How to locate large and small objects using search patterns
  • How to use a lift bag and other recovery methods
  • Limited visibility search techniques


What You Need:

GEAR:   A full scuba package appropriate to the water temperature of the diving environment.

MATERIALS:  The Advanced Open Water Manual - Chapter on Search & Recovery

For all your learning materials and equipment, and registration contact us today.

PREREQUISITES:  Must be a certified Open Water Diver or higher.

What's Next

  • PADI Underwater Navigator  --   perfect your navigation skills with this excellent next step because you often need to navigate to a specific spot to recover lost items.


For more information, available course dates and registration -- contact us and discuss options with one of our Team Members.