Drift Diver

It Feels Like You're Flying

PADI Drift Diver

The PADI Drift Diver Specialty course introduces you to the coolest magic carpet ride you’ll ever experience. This course shows you how to enjoy "riding" a river or ocean current by “going with the flow,” staying with your dive partner, communicating with the dive boat and knowing where you are the whole time.


Drift diver

The Fun Part

Drift Diving is nearly effortless and relaxing once you have the hang of it. You simply glide along and enjoy the rush of flying underwater.  The current does the work while you site-see.


What You Learn

During your PADI Drift Diver certification course, you learn about:

  • Planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of drift diving
  • An introduction to drift diving equipment -- floats, lines, reels
  • Buoyancy-control, navigation and communication for drift diving
  • Site selection and overview of aquatic currents – causes and effects
  • Techniques for staying close to a buddy or together as a group

For all your learning materials and equipment, and registration contact us today.


What You Need:

GEAR:   A full scuba package appropriate to the water temperature of the diving environment and a "safety sausage" marker.

MATERIALS:  The Advanced Open Water Manual - Chapter on Drift Diving.

For all your learning materials and equipment, and registration contact us today.

PREREQUISITES:  Must be an Open Water Certified Diver or higher.


Please Be Aware:

This course is offered only on one of our COLUMBIA SCUBA-sponsored dive trips where drift diving is possible - overseas destinations or local if available.

What's Next

The Diver Propulsion Vehicle course introduces you to scuba diving with underwater scooters, which can come in handy while drift diving.


For more information, available course dates and registration -- contact us and discuss options with one of our Team Members.