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We have what divers need.  Choose from more than 20 different scuba brands when you come to us for equipment. We stock the best diving brands so that you can find everything you need for your next dive. 

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We live & breathe this stuff 

Owing your own scuba gear is a big decision, but a worthwhile investment.   Many factors may influence your choices. The best reason for owning your gear is your own safety and comfort, including the fact that you know who has used the gear and how it has been treated.

Most importantly, it fits YOU.  It matches the environment that you choose to explore.  Other factors may include brand preference, extra functionality, and just pure comfort.  Diving your own gear will make you more comfortable in the water which also contributes to your safety while diving not just enjoyment of the experience.  Plus, you do not have to learn new gear each time you dive and rent your life support equipment. 


We carry the best diving equipment on the market 

We offer high-end diving equipment and have long-standing relationships with the best brand names on the market.  Whether you're looking for BCs, dive computers, masks, fins, snorkels, wetsuits, cameras or lights - we've got you covered.  


Make sure you're fully prepared for your next trip 

Now that you have the fundamentals, don't forget the smaller stuff!  Great dives are in the details so in addition to all the major equipment, we stock a wide variety of important quality accessories you'll likely want too.  Be sure you have all you need before that trip. 

  • first aid kits
  • lights
  • gloves
  • wildlife ID cards and books
  • extra mask straps & de-fog
  • horns & whistles
  • carabiners & lanyards
  • reef-safe sunscreen
  • safety buoys
  • dive knives
  • and MORE!


At the best prices in town, you'll find what you need at Columbia ScubaColumbia Scuba Dive Shop wet suit walls

Don't see what you need on this list?  Give us a call or stop by. There is a good chance we have it in stock and if not, we can probably order it for you.  

Special orders are not a problem here.


Online Equipment Purchases


We still believe old fashioned, in-person attention is critical when shopping for high-quality dive gear so we do not sell our gear online.  Your dive gear is your life support equipment underwater and we feel there is no substitue for in-person shopping to assess the fit, comfort, and quality of different styles.

Please stop by the shop to go over your needs and gear options with our highly trained staff or give us a call if you have questions first.  Either way, we happily will help you maximize your scuba diving experience by finding the right equipment for you.

For those times you are already sure of your equpment needs and don't need our help,  a simple phone order can save you both time and a trip. Phone orders will be accepted with payment and in-store pick-up.  


Save With Regular Deals

Our "Up to 25% off Table" is regularly stocked with great finds you can check out when you stop by. 


Short-term Needs

Need something short-term?   Check out our affordable RENTALS