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Contact us today to schedule your diving classes.


Take advantage of our wide variety of scuba diving classes that are taught by trained and certified professionals.


You’ll be able to pick from basic classes, like rescue diver and emergency first response, to more specialized classes, like underwater photography and wreck diving. So no matter what your experience level is, you’ll be able to find a class that will challenge and teach you.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been serving Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C.


- DAN Oxygen Provider

- Deep Diver

- Dry Suit Diver

- Equipment Specialist

- Emergency First Response

- DAN on-site Neurological Assessment

- Open Water

- Advanced Open Water

- Rescue Diver

- Emergency First Response

- Enriched Air Nitrox

- Night Diver

- Snorkel/Skin Diver Class

- Underwater Navigator

- Underwater Photographer

- Wreck Diver

- Peak Performance Buoyancy

Diving classes to meet your experience level

Specialty classes that will expand your diving knowledge

classes Advanced open water

Classes to teach you diving basics


Splash Party:

   Ever wondered what it would be like to SCUBA dive? This is your opportunity to try SCUBA diving without a large investment of time or money. This session is an introduction to a larger world. We will give you an orientation to the gear and give you the opportunity to experience the freedom, joy, and pure magic that can found in our underwater environment.


  Registration is required a minimum of one week prior. All equipment will be provided based upon measurements submitted during registration. Participants are only required to bring a bathing suit and towel. Minimum age for participation is 12 years.


  Sessions last from 8:30pm until 10:00pm and are conducted at the Wilde Lake Swim Center in Columbia.


  Private Splash Parties can be arranged for Scout Troops, office parties, or your own special gathering of friends. Contact diving@columbiascuba.com to schedule your own. Minimum number of participants in a private party is 8.


  Scheduled Splash Party dates:


    • 01/23/20                 • 03/19/20             • 05/21/20

    • 07/23/30                 • 09/24/20             • 11/19/20

PADI Open Water Diver:

 This is where your adventure begins. This class will teach you the basic skills and safety considerations that will allow you to open up a whole new world. This level of instruction provides the basic knowledge development through instructor-led or online E-learning formats, confined water (pool) skills, and will culminate in four training dives in open water for certification. A general comfort in the water and a desire to learn are the only pre-requisites. A medical form is available from www.padi.com for any medical considerations. The Open Water Diver course is offered in several formats in order to meet your needs and time constraints. Note: Open Water training dives are conducted April through November locally. A letter of referral can be obtained to do the training dives at any PADI shop in the world.


Tuesday/Thursday: This class is scheduled for 5 consecutive Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 7:00pm to 11:00pm, for 5 sessions or 2 ½ weeks. There are two hours of class time and two hours of pool time each session. Open Water training dives are typically scheduled for the weekend following the last classroom/pool session; 2 dives Saturday and 2 dives Sunday in a local quarry/lake.


      2020 Tue/Thu Open Water Start Dates:


      01/07/20       02/04/20       03/03/20       04/07/20       04/21/20       05/05/20      

      05/19/20       06/02/20       06/16/20       06/30/20       07/14/20       07/28/20

      08/11/20       08/25/20       09/08/20       09/22/20       10/06/20       10/20/20

      11/03/20       12/01/20


Sunday: This class is scheduled for 5 consecutive Sunday mornings, from 3:00pm to 7:00pm, for 5 sessions or 5 weeks. There are two hours of class time and two hours of pool time each session. Open Water training dives are typically scheduled for weekend following the last classroom/pool session; 2 dives Saturday and 2 dives Sunday in a local quarry/lake.


      2020 Sunday Open Water Start Dates:


       01/05/20          02/02/20         03/01/20         04/05/20

       05/03/20          06/07/20         07/05/20         08/02/20

       09/06/20          10/04/20         11/01/20

Peak Performance Buoyancy:

PADI's Peak Performance Buoyancy program is the perfect opportunity to hone your buoyancy skills. Perfect your buoyancy and you'll conserve air, energy, and our precious environment. Your program will include two open water dives, which may be conducted in one day.


An opportunity to polish buoyancy control beyond the Open Water Diver level:

•Positioning and distributing weight for comfort and desired body position (trim in the water)

•Visualization techniques prior to dives

•Buoyancy checks

•Establishing neutral buoyancy during all segments of a dive

•Fine-tuning neutral buoyancy underwater



  This course can be scheduled in conjunction with your Advanced Open Water training dives.

Dry Suit Diver:

When staying warm in cold water is important, get with the program – the PADI Dry Suit Diver program. During the Dry Suit Diver program, you’ll go on one confined water dive and two open water dives, in addition to covering the knowledge and techniques of dry suit diving with emphasis placed on the use of dry suits -- operation principles, care and maintenance, and diving techniques. The following topics are included in your PADI Dry Suit Diver program:


•The planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of dry suit diving.

•Proper procedures for buoyancy control.

•Ascent and descent technique training.

•Routine, user-level, preventative maintenance and performance checks on dry suits.


Course fee includes the use of a rental dry suit for the dives.


      2020  Dry Suit Diver Start Dates:     TBA

Wreck Diver:

Want to explore sunken ships, crashed planes, and lost treasures beneath the surface? Then the PADI Wreck Diver program is just what you want. During your PADI Wreck Diver program you'll go on four open water dives, which may be conducted over at least two days. Information contained in your program includes:


•The planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of wreck diving.

•The preparation and use of lights, air/gas supplies, special equipment, penetration lines and reels.

•Limited-visibility diving techniques and emergency procedures.


If the wreck used for training is located in deep water (60 feet or greater), the Deep Diver rating is recommended as a prerequisite for the Wreck Diver program.

Deep Diver:

   PADI’s Deep Diver program offers you the adventure of a lifetime – going deep to see things others only dream about. The program includes four open water dives, which are conducted over at least two days. The minimum depth for the deep dives is between 60 to 100 feet, with no dive exceeding 130 feet. All your dives will be conducted within the no-decompression limits, with deeper dives conducted first. The following is included in the PADI Deep Diver program:


*Planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of deep diving.

*Risk factors and decompression-tables review.

*Safety stops and emergency decompression procedures.

*Special equipment, descent lines and buoyancy-control considerations.

*Procedures for flying after diving and high-altitude diving.

*Orientation to recompression chambers.

Search and Recovery Diver:

Accidentally drop something in the water? Looking for lost treasure? Learn effective ways to locate objects underwater with PADI’s Search & Recovery Diver program! During your program you’ll go on four open water dives, which are conducted over at least a two-day period, with time being divided between academic and actual water-training sessions.

Your program will cover techniques and application of a variety of search and recovery methods and includes the following:


*The planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, and hazards of search and recovery diving.

*Limited-visibility diving and underwater navigation techniques.

*Proper techniques and safety considerations for object location, including the use of various search patterns, lines and reels.

*Proper techniques and safety considerations for recovery of objects using various lifting devices.

Night Diver:

Even your local dive site offers a whole new adventure by moonlight! During your program you’ll go on three open water dives. You'll learn to prepare for night dive activities and develop your knowledge and techniques for night diving. Some of the topics covered in the PADI Night Diver course are:


•Planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of night diving.

•Proper procedures for buoyancy control, navigation and communication.

•Use of dive lights and buddy-system techniques.

•Disorientation and emergency procedures.

•Orientation to nocturnal aquatic life.


Required Equipment for the Night Diver course:  Minimum 1 primary and 1 backup light, underwater compass, u/w slate, whistle, and diver marker light.

Advanced Open Water:



Expand your possibilities. The course is designed to increase your knowledge and comfort in and under the water, and to introduce you to some of the possibilities that exist in the underwater world. With the two required dives of Deep and Navigation, you will extend your recommended depth limit to 100ft and increase your comfort and safety while increasing your ability to navigate under water. Typically, the three other dives that are conducted include a Wreck dive, a Search and Recovery dive, and a Peak Performance Buoyancy dive. An Open Water Diver course or the equivalent from another certifying agency is a pre-requisite.


  We conduct the classroom portion of the class on a Wednesday evening from 7:00pm until 10:00pm. This time is used to go over all knowledge reviews for the five dives and to coordinate your diving activities for the weekend. An underwater compass and a dive slate are required equipment for the Advanced Open Water course.


  Training dives are conducted that weekend. There will be 3 dives on Saturday and 2 dives on Sunday in a local quarry/lake.


  2020 Advanced Open Water class dates:


   04/22/20       05/13/20       06/17/20       07/15/20       08/12/20       09/16/20      10/14/20


Rescue Diver Course:


  Increase your confidence and safety. This course builds upon the skills that you have learned in Open Water and Advanced Open Water. It teaches you how to both prepare for and prevent most problems that may occur and how to deal with them should they occur. This course is highly recommended to all recreational divers and a requirement for all divers interested in starting their professional diving careers. Current Basic First Aid and CPR certifications are a requirement for certification as a Rescue Diver. Both can be acquired through PADI’s Emergency First Response course. PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent is a prerequisite.


  The classwork and pool skills/scenarios are conducted on a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7:00pm to 11:00pm with the final scenarios being conducted in the open water at a local quarry/lake on Saturday.


  2020 Rescue Diver class dates:


   05/26/20       06/23/20       07/21/20       08/18/20       09/22/20      10/20/20

Emergency First Response:

     This course provides certification in CPR, basic First Aid, and accident management. Ten main skills are discussed during the course: Scene Assessment, Barrier Use, CPR with and without rescue breaths, Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use, Serious Bleeding Management, Shock Management, Spinal Injury Management, and Conscious/Unconscious Choking Adult. This course is open to both certified divers and the general public. Specific additional training can be added on for Care of Children. This certification is valid for two years.


  This course requires all participants to purchase both the manual for the course and a pocket mask for rescue breaths during CPR.


  2020 EFR Class Start Dates:


  01/25/20       02/22/20       03/21/20       04/18/20

  05/23/20       06/20/20       07/18/20       08/15/20

  09/19/20       10/17/20       11/21/20       12/19/20

Call 410.381.1994

to register for any training.

Call 410.381.1994

to register for any training.

Call 410.381.1994

to register for any training.